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Jocelyn Proust Designs Australian Birds 2020 Calendar
Renee Baker

2020 Australian Calendar Round-up

There’s no denying our love for Australian calendars and diaries. I’ve known Angela to start searching for next year’s calendar in August. It’s hard to beat that fresh-start feeling that a new blank diary brings. Call us nerds if you must, but jeez we’re organised.

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Clay Canoe Finders Keepers
Renee Baker

December Events Digest 2019

December is here! Which brings to you our final Events Digest for 2019. Cue the long lunches, double-booked calendars and a spike in gift shopping!

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Bowerbird Design Market DBP Events Digest
Renee Baker

November Events Digest 2019

Could this be our BIGGEST events digest EVER? It sure feels that way, it’s just about taken us an entire month to compile it! There

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We support the independent art and design industry of Australia with mentoring and special services.


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