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DBP at MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference 2020!!

MakerSpace Makers Conference presenters Angela D'Alton and Renee Baker

MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference

Some good news in what has been a strange year for the creative community of Australia.

With thanks to the Inner West Council, D’Alton Baker Productions are thrilled to be participating partners in the inaugural MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference 2020, held in conjunction with Sydney Craft Week!

The two day event happens on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of October and will be packed full of opportunities to connect with, be inspired by and learn from successful Inner West artists, as well as the experts (hello that’s us!) who help small creatives develop and promote their brand.

The aim of the MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference is to inspire, motivate and most importantly, arm small creative businesses with tools that will help get you started, keep going and keep growing your creative practice.

The weekend will be a combination of panel discussions, Q & A sessions, informative workshops, practical classes and opportunities for makers to connect with other creatives. Elements of the series will also be available online, and participants will have access to online discussion groups to continue to connect, learn and support each other post-conference.

MakerSpace & Co knows how tough it has been for the maker community in 2020. The program is therefore affordable, with sessions available for purchase individually, and with the generous support of the Inner West Council, a number of valuable sessions are free!

For tickets and more information about the presenters and panellists, head to the MakerSpace & Co website here.

Jeff McCann MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference
Oliver Stuart

Images feature from top: Jeff McCann, Nikita Majajas – Doodad and Fandango, Oliver Stuart – Oliver Throsby Furniture, Rowan Sivyer – Little Rowan Redhead, Lisa Cahill – Australian Design Centre. Learn more about these legends here.

Nikita Majajas
MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference  panelist Rowan Sivyer
Lisa Cahill panelist at MakerSpace & Co Makers Conference
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