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MAGM Ceramics Collection

MAG&M Ceramics Collection Spotlight Series: Lisa Cahill

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Last night I had the pleasure of visiting the Manly Art Gallery & Museum for their Society Program Ceramics Spotlight Series

Held on Wednesday 14th April 2021, the lovely Lisa Cahill, the director of the Australian Design Centre, shared the works that inspired her from the MAG&M ceramics collection and discussed contemporary ceramics and design.

I really enjoyed learning more about the making practice of these artists, what motivates them to make (in many cases it’s an obsession!) and how their forms and choices evolve over time.

The two works Lisa showcased were by Prue Venables and the late Gwyn Hanssen Pigott OAM, which I also had the treat of viewing IRL as part of the MAG&Ms Ceramics Collection.

Gwyn is recognised as one of Australia’s most significant contemporary artists, and some would say one of the world’s greatest contemporary potters, which is certainly something to celebrate.

Her grouping of functional ceramics was so wonderfully considered and delicate, and what appealed to me most was the gorgeous glazes and colours that had a soothing effect when you looked at them (if only I could touch!)

Prue’s pieces, so delicate and made of porcelain are simple and elegant.  During the talk, Lisa commented that Prue had learnt from and was inspired by Gwyn, perhaps they also learnt from each other which is so often the case in mentor relationships.  

The MAG&M Ceramics Collection

The entire MAG&M Ceramics collection is absolutely worth checking out if you’re in the Manly area (or fancy a lovely day trip!). The collection currently holds 408 items, with some truly iconic ceramicists celebrated including Cathy Franzi, Peter Rushforth and Honor Freeman.

I’ve shared some of my snaps from the collection in this post, but they do not do these beautiful creations justice, so be sure to pop by!

Visit Manly Art Gallery and Museum for more information

Ceramics Collection at the MAG&M
MAG&M Ceramics Collection
MAG&M Ceramics Collection

All images captured by Renee Baker

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