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LEVEL UP Sydney Design Festival — Review

Level up Sydney Design Festival

How open source design is enabling us to be the creator vs the consumer.

On Sunday 3rd March I had the pleasure of watching my partner Angela D’Alton participate in LEVEL UP at Sydney Design Festival.

Presented by Superlocalstudio and New Romantic, the intimate conversation with other forward-thinking panellists covered a range of discussion-provoking topics under the theme of open-source design.

“Over half the global population has access to the internet and the internet of things provides us with a platform to share, to connect and to create. Open-source technology has given us the ability to share socially and environmentally progressive ideas and designs in the aim of enabling individuals with the ability to become the creator vs the consumer.” — LEVEL UP Sydney Design Festival

Discussion highlights…

My attention was particularly piqued by the discussion of the intersection of the recent commercial revolution for makers and how this impacts our environmental design thinking for an evolving world.

Architect Alexander Symes, commented that the process of making is actually such an easy, unappreciated thing, and it’s the design process where you can really find impactful, innovative opportunities. Agility is a critical consideration in the design process, factoring in how you can test whether the design is good idea.

Design researcher Jesse Adams Stein confirmed that yes, there is now a broader social awareness and appreciation of maker culture, and reminded us that in fact the ‘maker-movement’ has always been part of our history.

When challenged as to how it could be possible for us to move forward sustainably, not driven by the constant need to consume, Angela D’Alton explained that there are other ways to approach the transaction between two people, and hopes to see a future where trade and thoughtfully commissioned goods and services are more prevalent than mindless mass-consumption.

Urban design strategist HY William Chan raised that problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are the top three skills that the World Economic Forum have determined the youth of today will require in order to have success in the future.

Sydney Design Festival Level Up
LEVEL UP Sydney Design Festival in action

I personally loved the closing comment from Liane Rossler that space and knowledge should be more valuable than stuff. I think this mindset is really empowering.

On behalf of DBP, a huge thank you to Liane and Valentina for inviting Angela to participate in such an inspiring event. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our social media for news of our next speaking engagement!

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Superlocal Studio Level Up
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