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Ways to use this time wisely

Alarm clock in bed with tea and book

We’re here for you.

Wow. It’s a tricky time. We thought we’d be healing and repairing from the devastation over the Australian summer, after the heinous bushfires and the torrential floods.

Apparently not. As seen in a meme this morning, “2020 has been written by Stephen King.”

As leaders of this community, we want to provide some solace to the makers, artists and creatives who are going to get hit, once again, by world events.

We want to let you all know that we’re here for you.

D’Alton Baker Productions have spent some time in the last few days devising ways we can support you further in your business, as well as ensuring that we all reinforce one another’s wellbeing during this difficult time.

Amongst the many event cancellations, we know you’ll be missing out on the cash flow spike you normally encounter. Amongst the self-isolation and social distancing recommendations, we’re fully aware that you’ll be getting lonesome. Amongst the growing fear of sickness, there’ll be increased anxiety about your own health, that of your family and the most vulnerable in our society.

So allow us to do what we can to help you through the tough times. Maybe it’s time to start some regular mentoring sessions so that while you’re at home you can have a chat with us and do some important work on your business.

Perhaps you’d like to take us up on our new website critique, to ensure that your online offering is optimised for conversion and provides a solid customer experience in a climate where buying items via the web will potentially increase.

Remember you can always reach out to us through Instagram or Facebook, call or email us if you need help.

Stay safe, look after yourselves, and let us know if you have any suggestions of other ways we can help you, our beloved community.

Some good things happening on the internet that might help you right now…

Brisbane based label Alice Nightingale is hosting a Free Art Club, special online edition!

Graphic designer Tabitha Emma reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures, and that we can still learn and create during these times.

Lynda from Homelea Lass has shared 5 tips to survive coronavirus self-isolation on her blog.

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