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Make more sales on Etsy with our new Shop Critiques!

After many (many) years of helping Australian makers make more sales on Etsy, we’re proud to finally be formalising this popular DBP Service.

DBP’s Etsy Shop Critique is a 1:1 session via Google Meet with mentor Renée Baker (that’s me!). During our session, you will gain the tools and the confidence to propel your online sales platform.

We’re also pretty excited to be offering an accessible new format; our new Etsy Shop Critiques are 30 minutes and only $99 inc GST. Not a moment is spared when we meet as there is always plenty to cover.

We’ve designed this service for makers with an Etsy shop, who might struggle to make sales or are just not quite sure how to take full advance of all the intricacies of the platform. As the session is completely customised, ask me for specific advice, or I can provide a full critique based on my years of experience with the platform.

Some might say I’m a bit of an Etsy nerd. Back in 2011 Angela and I created a crowdfunding campaign to get ourselves over to Berlin for an Etsy conference!

This trip landed us both jobs for this Brooklyn based e-commerce platform, and so shortly after the trip I worked at Etsy as their Marketing Specialist in Australia. Part of this role included extensive training on how to use the platform. I also had the opportunity to travel around Australia offering Etsy Critiques to sellers in need.

Make more sales on Etsy with an Etsy Shop Critique

An Etsy Shop Critique for Australian Etsy Sellers

Most importantly, I will always be honest and kind. I empathise with small creative businesses and know what it takes to be a success in this field. Giving helpful advice is my jam.

Need support to make more sales on Etsy? My honest and straightforward feedback will provide you with actionable tips you can implement immediately.

Head to the DBP Shop to book your Etsy shop critique today, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

meet the author

Renee Baker DBP Mentor

Renee Baker

With over 13 years working within the maker community of Australia, Renee is well-positioned to provide constructive advice. Renee engineered the social media presence for brands like Koskela, Etsy Australia and the Finders Keepers Market, and as an entrepreneur herself, understands how creative agility and hard work lead to success.

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