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with Renée Baker

Online sessions full of customised advice, for Australian creative business owners who want to implement meaningful change to achieve their goals.

Mentoring Collage by Holly Leonardson

Collage by the incredible Holly Leonardson 

A mentorship with D’Alton Baker Productions is for makers, designers, retail shop owners, or event organisers who have found their passion, discovered a niche and need support.

Find efficiency in areas of your business such as marketing, website strategy, e-commerce management, design markets, and brand development so you’re left with more time in the studio doing what you love. 

Bilboa at Finders Keepers


“Working with Renee and Angela over the past year has been a wonderful experience. With their help I was able to clarify and streamline the areas in business many creatives often overlook (or get overwhelmed by!) and highlight my goals.”

Osha Shealey, Bilboa

We support over 100 mentees across Australia

You’re busy.

You’re watching other makers grow and be successful.

You get to the end of the day and think “oh shit I haven’t posted to Instagram”.

You keep getting waitlisted for design markets.

You want clarity, confidence and focus.

You want support to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. 

You too can move forward with direction and purpose by identifying your goals and making practical plans to achieve them through the invaluable support of a DBP mentorship.

Our casual customised sessions take place online, with expert mentor Renée Baker so you can be sure all of your questions will be covered.

Image credit Bilboa captured by Natalie Jeffcott

Brainstorm Moodboard

Gain clarity and confidence in your business goals

Example of website for mentorship

Optimise your website and e-commerce strategy

Receive friendly and nurturing support from an experienced mentor

Working from home studio

Set yourself up for success in every aspect of your business

Email today to start your
mentoring journey

Set up external accountability with scheduled
mentoring appointments.

Sessions are held at an agreed time online with Renée Baker using Google Meet, allowing us to service the community Australia wide.

Contact us and we will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm our next available appointment time. 

Your expert mentors

Every mentoring session with DBP benefits from the input of both partners.

Greater than the sum of our parts, you’ll have a ready-made team on your side. 

Angela D'Alton Renee Baker DBP Mentors


The DBP mentoring forum of casual conversation plus educational content is a direct result of Angela and Renée’s unique skill set and experience within this niche community.

Watch the snippet below for an introduction to Angela and Renée’s areas of expertise, which are skills you can draw upon in mentoring sessions and through educational resources.

Laptop Computer


Brand Strategy
PR and Advertising
Visual Communications
Social Media and e-Newsletters
Networking and Events

Book Stack

Selling Products

Applying for Design Markets
Selling Wholesale
e-Commerce Platforms
Working with Retailers
Pop-up Stall Design
Customer Service

Systems & tech

Website Design
Business Administration
Solutions and Automation
Domain and Server Management
Graphic Design
Creative Technology

“We can’t recommend DBP enough!

outer island

“Angela and Renee bring so much experience and knowledge to the table. They’ve been able to tackle anything we’ve thrown their way, helping us create structure to grow and scale.

They’ve been our sounding board, eyes for our product development and a support team when we’ve needed it the most!

We are forever grateful to them for their help.”

Testimonial Outer Island; Image Mim Sterling


There are no hard and fast rules to mentoring.

Mentorship is a relationship. Mentors guide mentees through a period of change towards agreed objectives, where the mentee taps into the experience and skills of the mentor.

A mentor has vast experience and skills in a specific field, practice, industry or vocation.  A mentee utilises the value provided from the relationship with their mentor towards their own mission at their discretion.

Mentors provide independent, objective advice whilst summoning reference to their own specific learnings. Mentors assist mentees to make choices.

In a confidential and casual setting, mentorship provides the mentee with a relationship that supports and guides them towards their own goals.

In order to ensure our overheads are kept low, and to continue providing accessible and affordable services, all of our mentoring sessions are held online using Google Meet. All instructions on required software and how to connect are provided to mentees prior to our first session.

This also means we can provide mentoring to all parts of Australia, and additionally we can continue mentoring programs while our mentees travel to various parts of the world.

To begin the mentoring process, you will start with an introductory session with Renée.  This session, guided by DBP, is essentially an investigation into you, your strengths and your objectives.  It provides DBP with a clearer view of who you are, what you want and how we can work with you towards the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.

This process also provides mentees with an insight into what they can expect from mentoring, an opportunity to get to know Renée, and to find out if DBP are the mentors you’re looking for.

From that session, DBP provides recommendations on how we think the mentorship process can best support your mission, areas of focus and desired outcomes.  The mentee drives every session thereafter and provides the topics for discussion at each meeting.

Once the mentor has a clear understanding of the current status of the mentee and their business, future discussions are entirely lead by the mentee. In those conversations mentors provide an impartial and trusted source of independent opinion and advice.

DBP works as a trusted and affordable resource to mentees, much like a well-loved textbook or content-rich website, with a pulse.  DBP can guide you, provide honest feedback, suggest methods and give you the benefit of conversational advice, all while drawing upon our experience and knowledge.

This also means we can provide mentoring to all parts of Australia, and additionally we can continue mentoring programs while our mentees travel to various parts of the world.

Contact us today to book in your Introductory Session. We will get back to you within 24 hours between Monday to Friday. You’ll need to provide us the details about your business and we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us prepare for our session together.

After our intro session, DBP let you know our recommended areas of focus.  All future sessions are lead by the mentee themselves, what they would like to discuss and the areas of the business they wish to focus on.

D’Alton Baker Productions prides itself on offering an affordable mentorship program.

All mentees benefit from the experience and expertise of both Angela and Renée.

Appointments take place with Renée Baker and are scheduled for one hour via Google Meet.

All new mentees receive their first session (30 mins) for free.  Contact us today to get started!

why wait any longer?

Build a fresh and sustainable lifestyle for yourself, one that provides the flexibility to work from home earning income from what you love.