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Our Values

At DBP, we believe our values are just as important to our clients as they are to us.

Every small business has the right to choose the businesses they align themselves with carefully. Understanding the values of DBP is an important part of making that choice.

Leading by example

We believe as leaders of the maker community of Australia, it is our responsibility to do so by example. We are transparent when it comes to our values.

The following values adhere to D’Alton Baker Productions at work, both with our clients and with each other.

Angela D'Alton and Renee Baker at Murobond Jason Grant Paint Launch


We cultivate a culture of inclusivity in our beloved community of creative small businesses. We regard this community with kindness, loyalty and respect, even love.

We believe in empowering our mentees with knowledge and resources to continue the tradition of community support. We believe in supporting our community over focusing on competition.

Image captured at Jason Grant’s paint collection launch for Murobond


We assert our opinions and provide advice bravely, openly and with utmost integrity.

We believe in choosing courage with clear communication. We are comfortable with vulnerability because we trust in our ability to communicate assertively.

It is our ethical framework within which we operate. We support other businesses with full transparency including affiliates and partners.

Image captured by Renee Baker @reneedotanne

Friends Empathy


DBP pride themselves on creating a non-judgemental environment where we accept individuals and their unique circumstances.

We believe health and wellbeing live alongside compassion and support. We understand that all members of the community have different needs, abilities and desires.

Image credit Mari Bray.  Read Mari’s testimony.


With the resilience of years spent in a variety of roles in both large corporations and micro-businesses, DBP believes in the ongoing improvement of our methods of operation.

Ensuring processes support our goal to remain affordable and accessible to this community enables us to work towards the longevity of the creative industry.

We believe in the practical application of our knowledge with intelligent systems design.

Image credit Renee Baker @bakerandbailey

Hand drawing pink Cacti


Keeping an open mind allows us to learn, evolve and grow. It provides us the space where we can be passionate, brave and have fun whilst continuing to learn and improve.

Actively listening to our mentees with a curious mind provides honest interaction, the space where true support exists.

Image credit Maja Baska for DBP


Supporting our customers and our community with the flexibility required to adapt to their needs, to be able to quickly respond to changes in the industry and our client requirements is paramount to DBP.

Image credit Renee Baker @reneedotanne

Plants Ceramics Bookshelf


Confidentiality and security are key to the safe environment we encourage for our mentees at DBP.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a robust privacy policy to support the security of our clients, as we have the utmost respect for them and their personal information.

Image credit Renee Baker @reneedotanne


DBP believe strongly in “walking the walk”, supporting the maker community and the environment through our purchasing choices and business processes.

We strive to build a network with other like-minded business owners and creative entrepreneurs whose values align with ours.

Image credit Renee Baker @reneedotanne



D’Alton Baker Productions seek to collaborate with businesses and organisations who share our values.

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