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Ayana Jewellery


After our introductory session with Ayana Jewellery in January 2019, Lauren and Vincent began mentoring with DBP organised, and with a plan.

With ambitious goals for their small jewellery business, the pair utilised the accountability of a 5 pack and scheduled monthly appointments with us to stay on track.

Recognising that “doing it all” doesn’t always mean “doing it best”, Lauren and Vincent also benefited from our affordable copywriting services.

Armed with a custom Language and Tone guide and a fresh Media Release, Ayana had the tools they needed to make an impact with an integrated marketing campaign.

Ayana came to us with an Etsy shop that was ticking over, a work-in-progress website and a handful of unsuccessful market applications.

12 months later we are celebrating successes in every session, and with the pair’s hard work and determination combined with our strategic advice, tools and techniques, we would expect nothing less!

Congratulations to Ayana for smashing 2019 as you intended. We can’t wait to see what you tackle in 2020!

“Angela and Renee have been excellent at making us think outside the box and stretch our creative thinking to incorporate new ideas and goals into our business.

Sometimes it was as simple as a hint or tip like adding a call to action on an Instagram story, or more in-depth suggestions and resources that lead us to dive into research and implement new strategies and systems into the day to day running of our business.

At times all you need as a “working from home” creative is a sounding board, someone on the outside to look in and tell you that you are headed in the right direction and give you some pointers along the way.

Angela and Renee have the knack of filling you with confidence and motivation by listening and sharing their wealth of knowledge. Every session left us with a drive to “get things done” and pages of scribbled notes! From our first session where we took a deep dive into our business plan to chatting through and gaining ideas around creating and expanding our wholesale family, every following session they provided support and guidance to help us reach our goals.

Thanks to DBP, we now have procedures and documents in place (planned and prepped for months in advance) that help us with our social media scheduling as well as our marketing and media release planning. We know what we are doing in the months ahead and don’t find ourselves scrambling around for ideas to publish on Instagram at the last minute. They also helped us to completely pull apart our market applications and re-write it which in 2019 helped us be successful at landing stalls at many markets in Sydney and beyond.

Thanks for keeping us motivated to reach our goals and grow our jewellery business, we look forward to continuing our work with you in 2020!”

Lauren & Vincent
Ayana Jewellery

Ayana Jewellery Lauren working in Studio
Lauren working in her studio. Supplied


Ayana Jewellery Lauren working in Studio
Ayana at Makers & Shakers captured by D’Alton Baker Productions


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