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BAU.TISTA at Finders Keepers
BAU.TISTA at Finders Keepers
BAU.TISTA at Finders Keepers

How DBP helped BAU.TISTA debut at the Finders Keepers Design Markets

“A meeting with D’Alton Baker Productions over a jaffle at Daisy’s Milk Bar soon flourished into the best thing that happened to my business. It was extremely comforting to have TWO people with immense knowledge willing to answer every question I had.

Each mentoring session is full of Aha! moments that will keep you inspired and kicked into full drive. Angela and Renee bounce off one another giving you so many ideas and tips, you feel like you barely have enough time to write it all down.

DBP helped me through my first Finders Keepers application every step of the way. With their prior knowledge and experience of the markets, I felt at ease and actually excited to send off my application.

After being accepted as a debut stall holder I realised I needed their help more than ever. Yet again they answered the 1,000 questions I had about participating in a big market and what to expect. They definitely made my experience leading up to the event less stressful and actually fun.

The best part was having them visit me as a debut stall holder, it was a moment of complete happiness. I was so grateful for their help and to see all my hard work.

Truly though, the best part about Angela and Renee is the sincere support they give you, because they care. They want your business to flourish just as much as you do.”

— Karly Bautista, Bau.tista Design

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BAU.TISTA at Finders Keepers
BAU.TISTA at Finders Keepers

Image features BAU.TISTA at Finders Keepers


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