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Read all about Osha’s experience with mentoring and how DBP supported her through a website migration to Shopify and so much more.

“Working with Renee and Angela over the past year has been a wonderful experience. With their help I was able to clarify and streamline the areas in business many creatives often overlook (or get overwhelmed by!) and highlight my goals.

Together they helped me implement systems and introduced me to a whole host of apps and reference material to establish efficient processes at Bilboa. They showed me ways to market myself more effectively and pushed me to try my hand at things I always thought beyond my skill set.

Having their support while moving my website across to Shopify was absolutely invaluable! Working on a game plan well in advance and helping me to do a site comparison to see what areas I should work on beforehand meant I felt prepared with all the tools needed. Drawing on their experience with the platform and being able to flag different things they’ve come across has already saved me from a host of possible pitfalls and made the whole transition seamless. Summoning their years of expertise in online stores, my website has never been more functional, more professional or looked better!

Angela and Renee have really helped me feel confident and in control of all the aspects of my business, and now my time in front of the computer is not only super efficient but something I now look forward to!”

— Osha Shealey, Bilboa


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