Heidi Helyard


“I credit DBP for helping me get into my first Finders Keepers market.” – Heidi Helyard

Mentoring with DBP since early 2018, our journey with Heidi Helyard has included a new website, an e-news strategy that evolved into a subscription service, brand development and communications, as well as her application for and subsequent debut stall at Finders Keepers. So far!

“DBP helped me with preparation for Finders Keepers, my very first market ever! With their support I was organised, had enough stock and had a wonderfully successful, hitch-free 3 days!”

Hard working and determined, Heidi benefits from monthly mentoring appointments by using the momentum from each session to propel her into action.  Heidi further supports her solo operation by taking advantage of our discounted mentee prices for our other special services.

“After my first session with DBP I was on a high for days!!! The session was not only fun, but exciting! I knew I had made the right decision choosing DBP and immediately felt I was in capable hands.

During sessions Angela and Renee make me feel supported, challenged and guided, while afterwards I feel very calm. I feel excited and as though I have a plan to move forward, and somehow (amazingly) I never feel overwhelmed.

When working solo, having a professional sounding board is so important. The best thing about mentoring with DBP is having two experienced, knowledgeable and committed mentors to help with queries and difficult decisions I have to make about my business.”


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