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Homelea Lass


Be like Lynda, owner of Homelea Lass!

The lovely Lynda of Homelea Lass has been working with DBP via regular mentoring sessions over the last year.

We’ve been working together on a business plan, reviewing Lynda’s website, her events strategy and the business wholesale offering.

With the hard work Lynda has put into the business with the support of DBP mentoring, we’ve watched her take great strides towards her goals.

Be like Lynda and start mentoring with DBP today!⁠

Mentoring with DBP has given me clarity and confidence about my business and where it’s headed.

Working through my business plan has been truly liberating and completely removed the stress and frustration I had been experiencing.  Now I’m enjoying running my business!

After sessions with Angela and Renée I feel uplifted and empowered. From the very first time we met I felt positive, and was so relieved that real help was available.”

– Lynda, Homelea Lass


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