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To DIY For

City Of Sydney – Green Villages
To DIY For Kitiya Palaskas City of Sydney

Australians spend about $50 billion on presents each year and around $700 million of that ends up as landfill.

City of Sydney’s Green Villages program chose to collaborate with Angela and Renée during their time at Etsy to work on a trio of videos and downloadables to show people how to make their own recycled and sustainable presents.

The project called upon the pairs creative direction and content creation skills, they developed the marketing strategy, and worked on the social distribution and execution. In order the keep with the budget, Angela and Renée also assisted with production and coordination of the project, and you’ll even see Angela’s hands feature in the terrarium video!

The collaboration engaged Etsy sellers Kitiya Palaskas and Penny from Up Tights, to demonstrate how to make a macramé pot plant holder and wrap gifts with cloth in playful stop motion videos created by In The Thicket. The videos collectively have had over 218,000 views on YouTube!


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