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Design Market Application Review

Perfect for makers who are ready to apply for design markets, who may have faced rejection in the past, or those who need an extra set of eyes to review their application.

Spend 45 minutes with an expert in the field of design markets, the application and the curation process.

$145.00 (inc. GST)

Design Market Application Review

Optimise your chances of success in becoming a stallholder at design markets with exclusive insider hints and tips and gain an immersive understanding of expressing your brand.

Obtain a solid understanding of how curators manage applications and how you can communicate your business brand alignment.

Understand how to capture the attention of curators by creating a distinctive application event organisers can’t ignore.

“I credit DBP for helping me get into my first Finders Keepers market.”Heidi Helyard


✏︎ 45 minute appointment via Google Meet to fine-tooth comb your stallholder application
✏︎ Honest and clear feedback from an ex-Finders Keepers curator, Renee Baker
✏︎ Review of all application text / answers
✏︎ Critique of application images
✏︎ Directly applicable tips for enhancing your application
✏︎ Advice pertinent to specific events and markets


✏︎ Directly addressing the application criteria of the specific event you are applying for
✏︎ Hints on effective copywriting
✏︎ Appropriately conveying your brand through language and tone
✏︎ Selectively choosing supporting keywords
✏︎ Creating a compelling business narrative
✏︎ Supporting your application with potent imagery
✏︎ Affirming your application with a meaningful online presence

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For market application open and close dates, be sure to check out our Events Calendar.

NB: Whilst the mentors of DBP have your best interests at heart and will do their very best to optimise your chances of success, as they are in no way responsible for the curation of events the ultimate success of your application cannot be guaranteed.

Design Market Application Review

$145.00 (inc. GST)