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Etsy Shop Critique with Renée Baker

DBP’s Etsy Shop Critique gives you the confidence to manage your online store with customimsed, actionable feedback. Book now for 30 mins 1:1 with Etsy expert Renée Baker.

$115.00 (inc. GST)

Renee Baker Etsy Shop Critique

Etsy Shop Critique with Renée Baker

DBP’s Etsy Shop Critique gives you customised, actionable feedback

Did you feel the rush of adrenaline when you opened your Etsy shop, only to slowly feel yourself deflate as each day passed with 0 sales?

Have the intricacies and quirks of this e-Commerce platform left you scratching your head, wondering how on earth it all works?

If you’re a maker with an Etsy shop, who’s struggling to make sales, an Etsy Shop Critique with Renée will give you honest and actionable advice to ensure your shop is optimised for sales.

You’ll meet for 30 mins one-on-one with Renée Baker, mentor and partner at D’Alton Baker Productions, with over 12 years of experience working selling products and services online.

Renée worked at Etsy, established the online store for Koskela, and ran her own successful label selling illustrations and handmade products online. Renée will always be honest and kind, empathises with small creative businesses and knows what it takes to be a success in this field.


This session is short and sharp.  Not a moment is spared as there is always plenty to cover.

✏︎ Review of your shop homepage, banner, avatars, and announcement
✏︎ Critique of overall brand expression and virtual merchandising
✏︎ Checking your shop sections, policies, external links
✏︎ Personalised feedback on your listing thumbnails and titles
✏︎ An in-depth look at one listing, with a full critique of the title, images, description and tags
✏︎ Suggestions on any improvements and platform features not utilised
✏︎ An opportunity to ask specific questions and get the answers you’re looking for


✏︎ A 30-minute appointment online via Google Meet reviewing your Etsy shop
✏︎ Honest and straightforward feedback from Renée based on experience in the industry to improve your online presence
✏︎ Actionable tips you can implement immediately
✏︎ A recording of your session to listen back to at anytime

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Etsy Shop Critique with Renée Baker

$115.00 (inc. GST)


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