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Instagram Health Check with Renée Baker

Are you stuck not knowing how to best use Instagram to grow your business and reach the right audience?

Book an Instagram Health Check and spend 45 minutes one-on-one with Renée Baker. Get customised, actionable advice on what you need to do next on this popular platform.

$185.00 (inc. GST)

Renee Baker Instagram Health Check
Betsy Blonde Jewellery Studio Jackie Lord
“Due to the Instagram advice I’ve received from DBP, I’ve just had one of the busiest months of my 15 years in business with 92% of my sales via Instagram. That’s huge! I didn’t even have to leave the house and sit in the cold of a market!”⁠

— Jackie, Betsy Blonde

Instagram Health Check with Renée Baker

Introducing DBP’s Instagram Health Check, a critique of your profile.

Perhaps you’re struggling with engagement, or you’re not sure what to write in your profile description.

Maybe you initially had steady growth that’s now plateaued, and you’re keen to launch a new campaign effectively to refresh your feed.

Whatever stage you’re at, an objective pair of expert eyes over your Instagram feed will give you the confidence and the tools to harness this platform and steer you towards your goals.

Spend 45 minutes one-on-one with Renée Baker, mentor and partner at D’Alton Baker Productions, with over 12 years of experience working with social media for businesses.

Having built the social media presence for Etsy Australia and Koskela, whilst making The Finders Keepers social media following what it is today, Renée as an artist and maker herself empathises with the small creative businesses and knows what it takes to be a success in this field.


Since each session is entirely customised, the content covered will depend on what precisely you’re looking to achieve on Instagram.

✏︎ Review avatar, profile description and link strategy
✏︎ Critique of overall brand expression and story highlights for consistency
✏︎ Assessment of your content and advice using the content buckets strategy
✏︎ Personalised feedback on your images, videos, graphics and captions
✏︎ Checking hashtags to ensure you’re showing up in the right places
✏︎ Suggestions for Instagram features and how to maximise them
✏︎ Investigating engagement plateaus and reviewing business insights
✏︎ An opportunity to ask specific questions and get the answers you’re looking for


✏︎ A 45-minute appointment online via Google Meet reviewing your Instagram account
✏︎ Honest and straightforward feedback from Renée based on experience in the industry to improve your online presence
✏︎ Actionable tips you can implement immediately
✏︎ A recording of your session to listen back to at anytime

Here’s how jeweller Beth from Silk n Silver felt after her recent Instagram Health Check…

“I enjoyed the session, as it was focused but also informal in a way that helped me communicate my lack of knowledge in the area of social media. I feel armed with more to work with. I tend to do things organically, so the structure is a good thing for me to operate with and the tools you shared seem like they can be really beneficial.”

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Instagram Health Check with Renée Baker

$185.00 (inc. GST)


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