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Custom Language and Tone Guide

Your brand needs a strong voice, but how do you know what to say? To ensure consistency and connection to your target market through your messaging, you’ll need a Language and Tone Guide.

$385.00 (inc. GST)

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“Angela and Renee have been amazing at helping us develop [our branding and communications]. The overall look of our website and social media has never been better, and that is reflected in our online sales.”


Custom Language and Tone Guide


A Language and Tone guide provides you and your business with clear guidelines on how to communicate with your customers in the variety of media available to your business.


Guides provide a framework within which your values are conveyed with consistency to your audience in the manner suitable to your brand.


If you have a small team of people you will need to create a guide for consistency. Sometimes the tone of voice or the manner in which to speak customers isn’t agreed upon and doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Even if you’re working solo, it provides you with a manner to differentiate your brand to others, creating a uniform method to communicate across multiple channels of media.

It gives you a baseline on which to assess your content within the business when a variety of team members are all responsible for communication within marketing and sales.


Your customised Language and Tone Communications Guide includes recommendations when expressing yourself in business.

For example; general tone, descriptive words, words not to use and product names. Style guidance is also included and more specific vocabulary.

The completed document will be provided to you as a formatted PDF and supplied 7-10 days following your completion of our survey. We will share the file with you via email for you to print or save digitally.


Using a combination of survey, your business plan, and your brand guide* as a basis, DBP Mentors Renee Baker and Angela D’Alton create a customised document defining the type of language to use in your business and media communications.

Renee and Angela will compile this document in conjunction with you, resulting in a completely bespoke asset for you and your business. We offer you with the opportunity to provide one round of feedback. Further changes may incur additional charges.

*business plan and brand guide not essential but do help inform and style this document.

Custom Language and Tone Guide

$385.00 (inc. GST)


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