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Media Release written by Angela D’Alton

A media release is the backbone of any marketing campaign. It provides the base copy to create your messaging on your website, in social media and beyond.


$335.00 (inc. GST)

Peonies Magazine Stack

Media Release written by Angela D’Alton

$335.00 (inc. GST)

A media release is the backbone of any marketing campaign. It provides the base copy to create your messaging on your website, in social media and beyond.



Flipping through magazines, have you ever wondered how brands that are just like yours get featured but yours doesn’t?

The magical media release is the answer.

Media releases are a specialised copywriting format created specifically for digital and mass media in order to get coverage for your special event, business or product.

Locking into the established medium of media releases can be super tricky for the uninitiated. Finding a way to get your message in front of the journalists that write for your target market, and blogs that speak to your customers is not straight forward and requires a special finesse.

Luckily, we can help.


A one page customised media release created especially for you featuring your event, your new business or that incredible product you’re about to launch.


It’s nigh on impossible to receive media coverage for your brand or your business without a carefully crafted media release to support your marketing campaign.

It’s especially important if you have a special message you’re keen to address to a specific audience or target market. Maybe your product is innovative and you’re keen to change the world. Either way, a media release will allow you to open a conversation using the language required by media outlets.


Using their many years of experience writing media releases, DBP will carefully construct a media release based around your chosen “angle” to ensure it has newsworthy connection.

You will receive a one page media release written in this specific format, where you will be able to provide one round of feedback for changes, upon which we will update those.

Additional changes will incur further charges, contact us for more information.


Step One — Research
Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you’ll receive a tailored questionnaire via the email address you provide.

Completing the questionnaire is a key component in making sure DBP gains a detailed understanding of your brand and your needs. Additional information such as your Brand Guidelines or your Language and Tone Guide* can be included at this stage.

If you have a specific deadline, this is also the time to make it known. While we can work fast, keep in mind that inspired copywriting takes time and research, creativity as well as collaboration with you.

Step Two — Scheduling
Once you’ve submitted the form, we will send you an email confirmation, ask any further questions and supply you with a draft due date.

Step Three — Copywriting
It’s time for DBP to get creative! Crafting careful copy for creatives is our passion, so we really look forward to this part of the process. We will write the media release while executing additional research into your brand, your competition all whilst referencing the details provided to us in your questionnaire.

Step Four — Feedback
You will receive your draft via a Google Document, where you can provide feedback using the helpful comment feature. One round of changes are included in the price. Further changes will incur additional charges, contact us if you’d like further information.

Step Five — Editing and delivery
We take your feedback into consideration and send you the final copy for sign off, and supply the finished product in both a Google Document and PDF format for your convenience.

Whilst DBP will do everything in their abilities to create the best possible media release for you, this service does not guarantee media coverage due to the unreliable nature of the media.

A media release is the backbone of any marketing campaign. It provides the base copy to create your messaging on your website, in social media and beyond.

If you’re keen to make an impact in the media, get in touch with us to ask us more or simply add this service to your cart and we can get the ball rolling!

Please note that this pricing is for individuals/makers.  We offer our services to NFPs and organisations too.  Contact us for a quote.

*These guides are not essential to providing this service but can provide us with a robust understanding of your brand.

Media Release written by Angela D’Alton

$335.00 (inc. GST)


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