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Webinar review — Seth Godin: Marketing in a new world

Seth Godin

I was nerdishly excited to tune into a Qualtrics webinar this week featuring Seth Godin commentating on marketing in a new world. A mid-pandemic world.

The hour long session left me with four A4 pages filled with notes, but the one key message that stood out the most to me was this. If you’re looking for a short term tactical map on how to run your business during these crazy times, no one has one. If Seth Godin doesn’t have the answer, this makes me feel a lot better for not having one either! Especially when my mission at DBP is to support the Australian maker community with advice.

What Godin taught me we can do, is lead. Leadership is different from management. Leadership is more than just doing what you did yesterday a little better. During times of change, we need leadership. The important distinction is that it is voluntary to choose to be a leader and it’s voluntary for your audience to choose to follow.

This is so important because going forward we won’t have assurance that what we do is going to work the way it did yesterday. Instead, leaders, who almost never have ‘real’ authority, show up with responsibility. Leaders say “I’m not sure how to get there, who wants to come with me”.

So… no, I don’t have the exact answer as to how the Australian maker community is going to get through these times with no markets, no events, and customers with no money. What I am going to do is show up to make things better by making better things. I also encourage you to do the same.

Godin says that the way to do this is to listen to your customers. Show up for them, knowing they have a choice. Modern marketing is the marketing of choice as opposed to old school TV ads with a hint of deception. There is no need to embrace this mode. Instead, be consistent and connect with your customers. Connect by earning their trust. Earn their trust by momentarily earning their attention, by making a promise. Most importantly, keep that promise!

My promise is to keep listening to what you need. I will continue to connect with this wonderful community of makers, virtually, while I can’t visit you at markets. Together with DBP partner Angela, I’m going to make a promise to support you through affordable services and accessible education. And I’m going to keep that promise!

For those of you who want to get more of the Seth Godin goodness, I’ve shared some recommended reading below:

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