Terms and Conditions

DBP Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between D’Alton Baker Productions (DBP) and the Student or Mentee. It is the Students or Mentees responsibility to fully read, understand and agree to all Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy.

Enrolment and confirmation of appointment occurs once payment is received in full.  Once payment is received in full, the Student or Mentee is bound by these Terms and Conditions.


All discussions, materials and details of the mentoring relationship are kept strictly confidential between the mentee, Angela D’Alton and Renée Baker of D’Alton Baker Productions.

Audio recordings are made of all mentoring sessions, and these are strictly for internal use only and are shared with our mentees for future use. Mentees are also responsible for maintaining confidentiality of that file once downloaded.

As a participant in our mentoring program, we are here to help you to achieve your goals. We are not however here to complete the required work for you. The mentorship process sparks change, and requires action. Agreeing to be a part of this process means that you are ready to effect that change yourself, and your mentor will help you with guidance, advice, coaching, hints and tips along the way.

Your mentor will provide the benefit of their expertise and experience in specific areas of business. We are not counsellors or psychologists, and as such do not initiate or provide any kind of therapeutic process.

Mentees can email their mentors in between sessions with any questions or concerns. We will always respond within 24 hours.

Payment of the invoice issued by DBP confirms inclusion in the mentorship program, as well as acceptance of these terms and conditions. Payments must be made up front for all mentoring sessions or meetings will not go ahead.

Mentorship packs purchased from DBP do not expire, as we believe in flexibility in our offering.

In the event that web sessions are not possible due to technical issues, all efforts will be made to re-schedule the appointment as necessary.

In the event a mentee does not attend a scheduled appointment, either online or in person, or does not notify mentors within the first 15 minutes of appointment time of lateness, unavailability or non-attendance, the meeting will be re-scheduled.

If after the first 15 minutes of a scheduled meeting the mentee is not in attendance, the meeting is cancelled.

Google Meet

While all necessary assistance will be provided to help attendees access our scheduled Google Meet sessions, as there are far too many potential points of failure, DBP cannot be held responsible for connectivity, microphone or sound issues. We thoroughly recommend mentees do their own testing to ensure all systems are functional before their first meeting.

We appreciate our attendees maintaining mindfulness during consultations. For example, taking turns while speaking, muting your microphone if you have background noise, and so on.

Mentoring, Events and Courses

Course Fees

Full course payment must be made to confirm enrolment via our Eventbrite pages for each course (link can be located on the course pages on this website).

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Prices are GST inclusive. Tax invoices that comply with GST legislation will be issued for all enrolments. The amount of GST will be separately identified on all tax invoices.

Course Materials

All course materials are provided as soft copy only.

Cancellation Policy

Students who wish to cancel their attendance in any of our courses are required to email us via angela@daltonbaker.com.au within 2 business days of the beginning of the course. It is recommended that you contact DBP within 24 hours of submitting your cancellation to confirm that your email has been received if you have not received a reply or contact from us.

Requests for refunds for cancellations will not be accepted after or within 5 days prior to the course commencement.

Refund Policy

Should you wish to cancel your involvement in any of our courses, refunds can be provided in the event that notification of cancellation is provided prior to 5 business days prior to course commencement, minus an administration fee of $30.

No refunds for cancellation or non-attendance are provided after that timeframe.

No refunds are provided for mentorship services, however purchased sessions do not expire.


Students are permitted to transfer from one course to another.

Students who have paid their course in full can transfer to a course of equal or lesser value, or use their credit towards a mentorship program.

A course cannot be transferred from one student to a different individual to complete.



The material on this web site is made available for the purpose of providing information to prospective students and not as professional advice.

Links provided to other internet sites are provided for the user’s convenience and do not constitute endorsement of the information at those sites. DBP accepts no responsibility for material contained in any site that is linked to this web site.  No responsibility is taken for the consequences of viewing and relying on such content. In addition, DBP will not be liable for any claims or damages whatsoever resulting from use or reliance on information in this site or other sites.

The information and data in this site is subject to change without notice. DBP makes no statements, representations, or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in this website.

DBP disclaim all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of the information on this website being inaccurate or incomplete in any way, and for any reason.

Whilst we take all measures to avoid cyber attacks, DBP make no warranties that the information on this website is free of computer viruses or other contamination.

Additionally, DBP is not responsible or to be held liable for the success or failure of the businesses owned by Students or Mentees as a result of accepting our advice, training, guidance or tuition.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above please contact us.

This document was updated in April 2019