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“Renee and Angela are the best in the mentoring field of handmade businesses. It’s so hard to find targeted mentors within the handmade/artist industry as it’s such a niche market and we run our businesses slightly differently to a traditional commerce business.

These guys know what they are talking about and they are great at understanding your pain points and helping you navigate them. It’s also great to have a sounding board when you are making decisions in your business and they are great at listening and coming up with solutions that fit your needs.

Highly recommend!”⁠

— Mona, River Timber Designs

“Renée was a fantastic touchpoint for me in the early days of the business to help take the whirling maelstrom of ideas and questions out of my head and make some sense out of them. The absolute biggest help was Renée’s tech-savvy understanding of running a modern business. She helped me to transition my business over to a number of excellent apps and web platforms that brought calm and organisation to those early days.

She understands the creative mind works differently in business and her sensitivity to this made me feel like I was talking to a friend or someone who got me, which was so great.

Her assistance nutting out the finer details required for my first stall at one of the large design markets was so valuable, as Renée really understands the entire scope of the event. She assisted me with a promotional campaign to implement during the lead up to the market, which added to our success.

Overall the experience of working with Renée was really easy, enjoyable, valuable and most importantly she helped me to get through the early stages of overwhelm with my business and actually make stuff happen!”⁠

— Ainslie, Violet Eyes

“Due to the re-brand and Instagram advice I’ve received through my mentorship with DBP, I’ve just had one of the busiest months of my 15 years in business with 92% of my sales via Instagram. That’s huge! I didn’t even have to leave the house and sit in the cold of a market!”⁠

— Jackie, Betsy Blonde

“My partner and I are outdated when it comes to online/digital marketing, Angela and Renee have been amazing at helping us develop that part of our small business. The overall look of our website and social media has never been better, and that is reflected in our online sales. We appreciated that they provided us with recommendations that are customised and in line with our sustainable business.”

— Will, TANORA

“Setting up a small business on your own can be a hard process without the right people to steer you in the right direction! Angela and Renee are those people! 

During my mentoring sessions, they have been both my guides and my cheer squad, setting me up with invaluable advice and practical tools to succeed. Their combined experience and expertise has allowed me to gain clarity of my business goals and see so many things easily overlooked.

When design markets reopened applications in 2021, I immediately booked a Design Market Application Review with Renee. I knew she would have the answers to all my questions about the curation process and how best to structure my responses to the criteria. The professional polish DBP provided me with made sure that my application was successful. I can’t wait for my first 3 day market!”

— Rhianna, Blake Clay

“Thank you so much for writing all those fabulous product descriptions and bio for our new website.

The process has been very clear to follow.  The way DBP has made the Copywriting service into easy to answer questions has made my job so much more enjoyable and effortless.  I can’t believe how good you made us sound, extracting and collating all that information from those questions you provided in the Copywriting service.

The Product Descriptions are fabulous and so vivid.  I can actually see myself in all those scenarios you described in the descriptions.  I love it.  I am very impressed with the research you made to add supplementary technical information to the descriptions and I think that this could only have been achieved due to your industry knowledge.

Thank you so much for working with us to take our little family business to the online arena.”

— Cecilia, Oditi Designs

“ After my first mentoring session with D’Alton Baker Productions I was on a high for days!!! The session was not only fun, but exciting! I knew I had made the right decision choosing DBP and immediately felt I was in capable hands.

During sessions Angela and Renee make me feel supported, challenged and guided, while afterwards I feel very calm. I feel excited and as though I have a plan to move forward, and somehow (amazingly) I never feel overwhelmed.

When working solo, having a professional sounding board is so important. The best thing about mentoring with DBP is having two experienced, knowledgeable and committed mentors to help with queries and difficult decisions I have to make about my business.”

Heidi Helyard

“ Mentoring with DBP has given me clarity and confidence about my business and where it’s headed. Working through my business plan has been truly liberating and completely removed the stress and frustration I had been experiencing. Now I’m enjoying running my business!

After sessions with Angela and Renee I feel uplifted, positive and empowered. From the very first time we met I felt positive, and was so relieved that help was available.”

— Lynda Rennick, Homelea Lass

“Working with Renee and Angela over the past year has been a wonderful experience. With their help I was able to clarify and streamline the areas in business many creatives often overlook (or get overwhelmed by!) and highlight my goals.

Together they helped me implement systems and introduced me to a whole host of apps and reference material to establish efficient processes at Bilboa. They showed me ways to market myself more effectively and pushed me to try my hand at things I always thought beyond my skill set.

Having their support while moving my website across to Shopify was absolutely invaluable! Working on a game plan well in advance and helping me to do a site comparison to see what areas I should work on beforehand meant I felt prepared with all the tools needed. Drawing on their experience with the platform and being able to flag different things they’ve come across has already saved me from a host of possible pitfalls and made the whole transition seamless. Summoning their years of expertise in online stores, my website has never been more functional, more professional or looked better!

Angela and Renee have really helped me feel confident and in control of all the aspects of my business, and now my time in front of the computer is not only super efficient but something I now look forward to!”

— Osha Shealey, Bilboa

“We can’t recommend D’Alton Baker enough. Angela and Renee bring so much experience and knowledge to the table and have been able to guide us through our growing pains.

They’ve been able to tackle anything we’ve thrown their way and with each step, think of our future and the bigger picture helping us create structure to grow and scale. Issues we’ve had for a long time have been resolved and they’ve helped us enormously particularly with our growth strategy/execution and how to work with two brands.

They’ve been our sounding board, eyes for our product development and a support team when we’ve needed it the most! We are forever grateful to them for their help.”

— Amy & Stephanie, Outer Island

“I’ve known Ang (D’Alton) & Renée (Baker) for many years now and was thrilled to find out that they had started their own mentoring business. My first thought was, what a perfect match and business idea for the both of them considering their incredible knowledge for all things biz and my second thought was…sign me up now.

5 sessions in and I can confidently say that this was the right (lovely) kick in the pants my small business of 8 years has needed.

Ang and Renee have been incredibly generous with their advice and time. Every session feels like going to business church, it is cathartic and inspiring and you finish feeling like you can take on the world or in my case my accountant, marketing strategy and business plan.

I feel excited for the future of Roger & Peach particularly with amazing my amazing cheerleaders D’Alton & Baker.”

— Melinda Morrison, Roger & Peach

“What I LOVED most about the mentoring service that Angela and Renee (DBP) provide is the chance to discuss and come up with practical solutions and strategies that I may not have been able to think of on my own.

As a full time designer and mum of three children, I don’t have a lot of time to stop and think about my business besides fulfilling orders and building stock for design markets . After each one hour session I FEEL I have a clearer direction.”

— Mari Bray, Mari Bray Ceramics

“Whilst I have always been very good at making lots of beautiful things, I have not always been terribly business-savy at working solo. It was easy to lose track of the bigger picture.

Angela and Renee of D’Alton Baker Productions have helped me to develop my brand and sharpen my focus which in turn has given me the confidence to make the decisions I need to about the business.

Rather than simply just telling me what to do, Ange and Renee listen to my ideas and make suggestions, offer tips and provide resources allowing me to develop and advance those ideas and attain my goals.

Sometimes they simply show me a different perspective, sometimes they confirm what I already know! Either way, I always come away from a mentoring session feeling energised and ready to start kicking goals!

I made the decision at the start of the year to direct my energy towards markets that better suited my brand. Angela and Renee really assisted me in honing my stallholder applications and after several years of trying, I am excited to say I’m going to be participating in Makers and Shakers, Etsy Made Local and finally Sydney Finders Keepers!”

— Rowan Sivyer, Little Rowan Redhead

“Early in 2020, I was so very fortunate to win the Perth Makers Market and D’Alton Baker Productions Scholarship. The Scholarship provided me with 3 x 1-hour mentoring sessions, spaced over a number of weeks with Renee Baker and Angela D’Alton.

This scholarship came to me at precisely the right time for my business as I was aiming to grow and expand my current operations. From the first session with Renee and Angela, I felt warmth and understanding from them with what I wanted to achieve.

They listened intently to what I was doing and where I wanted to go before we set a pathway to follow over the subsequent sessions. All the time, the ball was in my court to steer the direction of the sessions with input from their expert minds.

The flow of information from both ladies was endless as we focused a lot on the marketing and launch of a new product line, amongst many other things.

Launching a product effectively and in the right manner was something I had not done before so this information was golden for me. I cannot praise and thank Renee and Angela enough, for the time they have given me.

A huge thanks also must go to Erin from Perth Makers Market for teaming with D’Alton Baker for this scholarship. I would highly recommend any maker to work with D’Alton Baker Productions to assist in almost any aspect of their business.

I will most certainly be working more with them in the future. Thank you Renee and Angela.”

— Kareena Preston, Krieitiviti

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