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Collage with hands and swirls by Holly Leonardson

Collage by the incredible Holly Leonardson 

We know how difficult the last few years have been

For you, your families, your business and your events.

We believe in this community and we’re passionate about it not only surviving current challenges but thriving through them.

Work with DBP and provide your business with the expert support it needs now.

How can we help?

  • Add value to your stallholders experience with your event

  • Support you directly with affordable business services

  • Advocate participation in your events to an engaged community of makers

Team up with confidence and keep your business moving forward. Work with DBP on business support you need now.

Image captured by Natalie Jeffcott

add value

Trend reports and business experts have indicated that customer retention in 2022 will be one of the most important methods of maintaining your business in the long term.

Work with DBP to offer more value to your stallholders, without having to adjust your own goals and routines.

Services for markets

After the last years of event cancellations and difficulty with refunds, risk averse maker businesses will be choosing events they participate in very carefully.

We speak with makers daily, and they have told us they are looking to participate in markets with added value, robust business practices, and Covid safety messaging.

Are you ready? We can help.

Stallholder support

  • Information sessions customised to your audience with your information
  • Education and training
    • Applying for markets
    • Participating in Markets
  • Customised sessions for new and debut stallholders
  • Hints and tips via newsletters
  • Support in promoting applications from the community

Business support

  • Consulting to your organisations as advocates for the maker business community
  • Website design and development from Shopify to WordPress
  • Email Marketing and automation including MailChimp and ActiveCampaign
  • IT Support including Audits, System Design and Troubleshooting
  • Copywriting services
  • Media Releases and Campaign Messaging

Other opportunities

Affiliate Program
Get paid for encouraging your stallholders to become members of our Make Good Things Happen platform

Offer your stallholders a scholarship mentoring program, or simply some online education with MGTH webinars.

"Motivates and inspires"

Sarah Thornton,
Director, The Finders Keepers

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“Angela is a dedicated, hardworking, passionate creative who is an absolute asset to any business.

She shows attention to detail, and is highly skilled in setting up efficient systems and processes.

Angela is the type of person that motivates and inspires those around her with her knowledge, guidance and leadership skills.”

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Image features Luu Studio captured by Natalie Jeffcott

The DBP partnership

D’Alton Baker Productions is a partnership between Angela D’Alton and Renée Baker.

All projects benefit from the experience of Angela and Renée.

Angela D'Alton Renee Baker DBP Mentors
Angela Dalton Renee Baker Design Market Experts

“We are interested in providing the services to ensure this important segment of the Australian artistic community survives the challenges of the last few years and beyond”

Angela D’Alton

Why work with DBP?

We started offering custom business support specifically to market managers after hearing repeatedly a goal that remained unfulfilled. “I want to offer more to my stallholders”. 

We love working with event businesses and both of us have 15 years of experience within the maker community of Australia. 

Working with hundreds of makers since launching DBP in 2016, we know their pain points intimately.  We know that makers look to events and markets for support in their small business efforts.

We have worked for the Finders Keepers markets and are uniquely positioned to understand the journey of stallholders from beginning to end, from both sides of the coin. Our market journey began via Leeloo, a partner of Finders Keepers since they launched the large market in Carriageworks Sydney. Since then we’ve participated in a variety of market events as stallholders and managers.

Our new membership based business Make Good Things Happen provides the maker community of Australia with the educational resources and connection with other makers.  Whether they’re artists, designers or crafters, we have an inclusive, accessible platform that welcomes members of the community at any age and any stage.

Image captured by Natalie Jeffcott

"Highly recommend"

Danielle Maveal,
Chief Community Officer, Blurb

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“Renee is a thoughtful, insightful team member, consultant, and leader. We worked together at Etsy, where she advocated for and created powerful programs for Etsy sellers.

I would highly recommend partnering, hiring, and working with Renee!”

Angela DAlton Conference Speaker for Creative Business
add value

to your stallholders via educational opportunities

Mosey Me Finders Keepers Stall Merchandising

of popular makers returning to your events with added incentives

achieve goals

including increased website traffic and sales with professional copy

Renee Baker Conference Speaker for Creative Business
Make passive income

whilst promoting educational support to the community


The community needs our support and that includes your business.
Get in touch with us today and we’ll start the ball rolling with a meeting.  We’ll find out what your goals are, your brand values, your specific needs and either craft a package just for you or simply have a chat about how we can help you.
We can help with almost all areas of your business (excluding accounting and legal advice, we’re across most of the other stuff).
We most certainly can. We can discuss packaging something up that you’re looking for or we can charge you by the hour for flexibility with your cash flow.

The success and longevity of the maker community is our number one goal in business. We offer affordable packages as well as partnership opportunities and an affiliate program. Get in touch. 

Nobody has the real world experience that combines markets, online stores, stallholder needs and the maker community better than we do.
Just let us know when you’re ready. We can chat about what you’re going through at the moment or simply send us an email to ask us a question.

Do you still have questions? Get in touch contactus@daltonbaker.com.au

need some help quickly?

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    Website Critique – Optimise for Sales

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  • About Page copywriting by Angela D'Alton

    Your About Page written by Angela D’Alton

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    Media Release written by Angela D’Alton

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    Custom Language and Tone Guide

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